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This past week I had the pleasure of attending A3C in Altanta, GA. While there I attended a very informative interview between Jinx and the multitalented artist/producer/musician etc Ryan Leslie.

The sit down interview/discussion was an awakening experience for everyone in attendance. Ryan Leslie spoke on his personal trials within the record industry, from his ability to sell thousands of records first out the gate, to a not so high followup record sales release. The end of all was Ryan Leslie deciding to go totally independent an underlying quest to reach a highier plateau via direct consumer interaction to generate, increase, and maintain record sales. Ryan collaborated with platform gurus to develop a new technology via what he deemed as the "superphone". This handy platform allows Ryan Leslie the ability to literally see who has purchased his songs and even allows him to directly contact his fans via text or even simply by calling them directly to thank them or chat.

This technology simply blew everyone in the audience minds!! The platform has not been released to the general public just yet but Ryan did state that the "superphone" will be available very soon with a monthly subscription fee of $20. A very small fee considering the potential an artist has to directly connect with their fans via the direct to consumer model afforded by the superphone platform.

Check out the video below for more gems Ryan Leslie bestowed onto those attending A3C.

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