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NOLA Music Awards 2015

Supreme Street presents the 2015 Nola Music Awards. The NOLA Music Awards is an awards showcase giving appreciation and honor to our national and local artists who have exemplified the essential aspects of Jazz and Urban Culture. NOLA Music Awards will be a three day event filled with jam sessions, industry seminars, live-art installations at Ya Ya, artist cyphers featuring legendary brass bands, community out-reach activities, culminating in the end event, the awards show on October 24th. NOLA Music Awards, The Color Gallery Inc. and Protect New Orleans are teaming up to focus on the New Orleans community and revitalization to highlight its strength and resiliency, by providing the information, resources and motivation for the community to move forward from within. Please make a donation to The Color Gallery, Inc. as they work to decrease community violence and school aged related crime by providing a creative means of expression. NOLA Music Awards - Supporting Local Talent... 6 Years and Counting!

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